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How To Become a Financial Advisor

Our 14-week training program designed to give aspiring Financial Advisors the requisite knowledge and skills essential to enter the industry- guaranteed.

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Our Pathway to Financial Advisor Career Placements

The Financial Advisor Training Institute (FATI) seamlessly guides students from graduation to securing positions at top financial firms like Wells Fargo, Ameriprise, LPL, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Edward Jones, and many more.

Comprehensive Financial Advisor Training Courses: 

Start with a broad range of financial topics covered in FATI's program, including essential subjects like contact management, risk management, and retirement plans. This comprehensive coursework prepares students for certification exams and real-world scenarios.

Expert Guidance:

Benefit from the expertise of FATI's financial educators, who guide students through 4 units and 14 chapters. This guidance ensures a deep understanding of crucial concepts, setting the stage for success in the financial advisory field.

Industry-Specific Training: 

Immerse yourself in nearly 300 hours of industry-specific training, providing a solid foundation. FATI's commitment to specialized education prepares students for the challenges and opportunities.

Financial Certifications and Exam Guides:

Navigate through the certification and licensure exams, including the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE), Series 7, and Series 66 exams. FATI's proven track record boasts high first-time pass rates, ensuring students are well-prepared for licensure.

Guaranteed Job Placement:

Upon program completion, leverage FATI's guaranteed job placement assurance. Benefit from relationships with over 50 financial brokers and dealers, securing opportunities with top firms in the financial industry.

Financial Advisor Sponsorship Assistance: 

FATI provides sponsorship assistance, a critical step for taking certification and licensure exams. With a 501(c)3 public charity status, FATI connects students with financial brokers or dealers who sponsor them and offer employment upon completion of the program.

Accelerated Financial Advisor Career Path:

Experience an accelerated career path, with FATI graduates starting on par with those who entered the industry up to two years earlier—this advantage, coupled with the comprehensive training, positions students favorably for success.

Unlimited Earning Potential: 

Enter the financial advisory field, where unlimited earning potential awaits. Whether fee-based or commission-based, FATI equips students to thrive in a rewarding profession with a solid financial advisor compensation package.

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Financial Advisor Requirements

While having a Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, sales, marketing, or a related field, equivalent to five years of professional experience, is preferred, it is not a requirement for aspiring Financial Advisors. There are various pathways to meet education requirements and certification needs. FATI ensures students are well-prepared for the financial advisory field, focusing on life and health licenses, SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 exams.

  1. Educational Foundation: 

The first step involves earning a college degree or possessing a high school diploma, serving as the minimum educational prerequisite. FATI acknowledges the diversity of educational backgrounds, ensuring that even those with a high school diploma can seamlessly pursue Financial Advisor courses. An even stronger foundation is established for those with an associate or bachelor's degree.

  1. Specialized Training: 

FATI's accelerated online program dives into crucial topics such as contact and prospect management, financial planning, retirement plans, and more. With an average coursework commitment of 10-20 hours per week, students engage with three subjects in each chapter, accumulating almost 300 hours of industry-specific training.

  1. Certifications and Licenses: 

The Financial Advisor path involves acquiring specific certifications and licenses determined by the desired work environment and services offered. Recent FATI students have successfully undertaken exams like the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE), Series 7, and Series 66.

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Financial Advisor Responsibilities

FATI equips graduates with a comprehensive understanding of their roles in guiding clients toward financial prosperity.

Holistic Financial Planning: 

Financial Advisors are entrusted with crafting comprehensive financial plans tailored to individual client goals. This involves analyzing current financial situations, understanding future aspirations, and devising strategies encompassing investments, retirement planning, and risk management.

Investment Management: 

Advisors navigate the intricate landscape of financial markets to recommend suitable investment portfolios aligned with clients' risk tolerance and financial objectives. Whether stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other instruments, Advisors continuously monitor and adjust portfolios to optimize returns.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: 

Identifying potential risks is a pivotal aspect of the role. Advisors conduct thorough risk assessments, considering market volatility, economic trends, and geopolitical events. Implementing strategies to mitigate risks ensures clients' financial security.

Client Education: 

Effective communication is paramount. Financial Advisors educate clients on complex financial concepts, ensuring they comprehend the nuances of investment options and strategies. Building a foundation of financial literacy empowers clients to make informed decisions.

Regular Financial Portfolio Reviews: 

Continuous monitoring of clients' portfolios is imperative. Advisors conduct regular reviews to assess performance, make necessary adjustments, and align investments with evolving financial goals and market conditions.

Regulatory Compliance: 

Navigating the regulatory landscape is integral. Advisors must stay abreast of industry regulations and compliance standards, ensuring ethical and legal practices in client interactions and financial transactions.

Relationship Building: 

Establishing and nurturing client relationships is at the heart of the role. Advisors cultivate trust and rapport, fostering long-term partnerships beyond financial transactions.


How do I apply for a role as a Financial Advisor, and what is the process?

Aspiring Financial Advisors can initiate the process by visiting our official website to apply for a Financial Advisor role. Click on the "Apply Now" section and follow the instructions to submit your application. Our recruitment team will carefully review your qualifications and contact you for further steps, which may include interviews and assessments.

What is the base salary?

FATI guarantees all its graduates a base salary of at least $50,000. However, the total compensation for Financial Advisors varies depending on factors such as experience, location, and the employing financial institution. Typically, financial advisors receive a base salary and commission-based compensation, providing an opportunity for unlimited earning potential. Financial Advisors enjoy a median salary of $89,330, with top earners exceeding $150,000. FATI's specialized training and guaranteed job placement ensure a strong start in a field with limitless earning potential.

How long is FATI’s program, and what training will be provided?

FATI's program is a 14-week online course designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful Financial Advisors. The training covers various financial topics, including contact and prospect management, risk management, retirement plans, etc. With an average workload of 10-20 hours per week, participants can expect to graduate with a solid foundation for a career in financial advising.

What advancement opportunities would be available to me as a Financial Advisor?

As a Financial Advisor, there are numerous advancement opportunities available. With experience and a proven track record of success, you can progress to more senior roles such as Senior Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager, or Branch Manager. Additional certifications and expanding your client portfolio can open doors to higher-income brackets and leadership positions.

Tuition / Tuition Reimbursement

FATI offers multiple financing and payment options to make the program accessible. You can start the program with as little as $0 down and make payments once you're employed. Many financial firms that recruit our graduates also offer tuition reimbursement, making your investment in education more sustainable. While reimbursement terms vary, exploring employment opportunities is a significant consideration.

Written By Terry Lindner

Board President and Chief Executive Officer at Financial Advisor Training Institute

Building the industry’s future pipeline with qualified, inspired talent. We exist to ensure the future preparedness of the next generation of retail Financial Advisors. By replenishing a depleting and aging workforce with a new, qualified talent pool, we can help uphold the financial well-being of the U.S. Economy and the American public at large.

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