Financial Advisor Development Program for Employers                      

At the Financial Advisor Training Institute (FATI), we understand your challenge. The time, resources, and risk you bear when hiring, training, and developing advisors on your own. Let the Financial Advisor Training Institute assist you in these ways:

  • You source (FATI also provides this service) and sponsor your candidates

  • Your candidate makes a personal investment and enrolls in FATI

  • We get them licensed

  • We develop them with practical knowledge of the industry

  • We drive their business development activities so you can quantify the pending opportunities the student has for success

  • Once all is completed, you onboard a qualified, proven business bearing, and disciplined Financial Advisor

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Time, resources, and risk spared.

Our structured Financial Advisor Training Program leads to their completion in as little as 14 weeks. Our financial planning certificate program already partners with more than 50 broker-dealers —  to develop the skills and qualifications of well-trained professionals who represent the best in our industry.Is your organization looking for a different and more productive approach to training financial advisors? Here are three reasons why you and your employees should consider our financial advisor education program.

1. Our Financial Advisor Development Program Has Proven Results

We’re known for helping aspiring financial advisors reach their full potential. In fact, graduates of our financial advisor development program have a 100% job placement rate due to relationships we have with employers and broker-dealers like you. That’s because our financial advisor course online options prepare students for their licenses, practical knowledge about the industry, and business acceleration to validate their production opportunities. By shifting the time, resources, and risk you can accomplish your growth plans while increasing your capacity for other important iniatives.

2. Our Training for Financial Advisors Can Be Completed All Online

The Financial Advisor Training Institute can help train your employees wherever they are, online.

Our financial advisor training certificate program is asynchronous, meaning that your employees can take their 10-20 hours of weekly coursework when it’s convenient for them. That’s nearly 300 hours of training for financial advisors from our expert educators.

They’ll cover various financial topics and how they relate to real-life and practical situations — preparing your employees for certification exams and careers as productive financial advisors.

3. Our Financial Advisor Development Program Gets Quick Results

We know time is money.

That’s why our financial planning certificate program is just 4 Units consisting of 14 Chapters. Each week, our financial advisor education curriculum will cover three targeted topics. Your candidates will start with in-depth background on the financial services industry and financial planning processes. From there, our financial advisor course online topics cover:

  • Activity, contact, and prospect management
  • 5 tactical business development methods
  • All the products and solutions you would expect.
  • Preparation for certification exams and licenses

Graduates of the Financial Advisor Training Institute are capable, proven, fully licensed, with a viable production pipeline, ready to partner with your organization.

What Employers Are Saying About Our Training for Financial Advisors

“The Financial Advisor Training Institute has flipped the traditional advisor recruiting and development model on its head. Risk rests on both the candidate and BD evenly. If our candidates follow through and graduate, they will be successful members of our team and we will happily welcome them aboard. But the responsibility to reap those rewards also rests on their shoulders to complete the training program. This balanced risk allows us to more accurately resource plan, save time while onboarding a higher quality candidates. We're proud to partner with FATI.”

Managing Director, Employee Channel

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Ann P, 41

"I really found the self-paced program appealing, and being remote that accommodated our schedules as well. As much as i loved being a teacher, I knew I would never be making the income as a teach that I would be making as a Financial Advisor."

Josh R, 46

"Prior to joining FATI I was in corporate America for 2 decades. Like a lot of career changers, I wanted to make a move and hit the ground running, and what really appealed to me was being able to complete the licensing while being employed so once I made that leap I would have that head-start."

Sydney B, 33

"I was a retail worker at a local home improvement store. I chose to go through the Financial Advisor training program, because they have a complete program that not only helped me get my licensing, but also helped me with the business development that is critical to being a Financial Advisor"

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