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Training To Meet The Edward Jones Financial Advisor Requirements

The Financial Advisor Training Institute is the only guide for students to turn their aspirations into successful financial advising careers at Edward Jones.

Training Program To Become a Financial Advisor

Once prospective students utilize our user-friendly enrollment process and are accepted into the Institute, they are given many opportunities. FATI takes pride in our carefully curated curriculum aligning with the ethos of major financial corporations. This tailored approach to our curriculum includes in-depth training on financial tools and strategies, ensuring readiness for the tasks expected as a financial advisor.


Through the Financial Advisor Training Institute’s (FATI) new and improved enrollment process, it is easier than ever for prospective students to apply. By simply filling out the application, prospective students begin their journey to becoming successful financial advisors backed by the leading institute for financial advisor training. 

Hands-On Curriculum

FATI's curriculum provides students with a comprehensive understanding of financial tools and strategies, ensuring they are well-equipped for tasks anticipated within companies like Edward Jones. Emphasizing financial instrument mastery, FATI hones practical skills necessary for success in the financial advisory field. Additionally, the institute incorporates client-centric training through role-playing and mock sessions, offering valuable experience simulating genuine client interactions.

FATI’s Comprehensive Training

Our practical focus prepares students for the intricacies of the financial advisory world, setting FATI apart as a leader in financial training. The institute's commitment to real-world application is exemplified through hands-on case studies, meeting and exceeding expectations set by Edward Jones. This ensures that students are knowledgeable and adept at applying their skills professionally. 

Networking and Continuous Learning

FATI prioritizes networking and continuous learning. Emphasizing the importance of networking for students to access opportunities at prestigious firms like Edward Jones. The institute facilitates exclusive connections with professionals and creates a collaborative learning environment through diverse peer interactions, discussions, and group projects. This focus positions FATI students as well-rounded students poised to contribute to the finance industry's knowledge and growth.

Insights from Industry Leaders

FATI takes pride in being more than just an institute; we are a collective of financial industry leaders. Instructors at FATI bring firsthand experience from high-end firms, like Edward Jones, offering unique insights and guidance. Practical case studies allow students to smoothly transition from theoretical knowledge to real-world application, making them job-ready from day one. 

Continuous Learning Through FATI

FATI emphasizes continuous student education, including regular industry updates. Which are integral to keeping students and graduates well-informed about the latest developments in finance. This in turn enhances their value to corporations like Edward Jones. The diverse courses accommodate students at various career stages, addressing the need to continually enhance finance industry knowledge and skills. 

Meeting Edward Jones’ Financial Advisor Requirements

Our team of Financial advisor coaches are dedicated to providing you with the tools and techniques to earn Financial Advisor certifications and exceed the requirements for Edward Jones Financial Advisors.  Our accelerated, online certificate program is designed to help you achieve success in your career by preparing you for some of the most common Financial Advisor Certification exams.

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Pursuing a Career as an Edward Jones Financial Advisor

A career with Edward Jones is a goal for many aspiring Financial Advisors. The company's reputation for client-centric values and integrity positions it as a financial industry leader. FATI offers its graduates continuous career support that is integral to staying updated with industry trends and Edward Jones ethos.

Edward Jones’ Ethos

Going beyond technical skills, FATI instills Edward Jones' celebrated client-centric values. The institute focuses on enhancing interpersonal skills, recognizing them as a cornerstone of Edward Jones' approach. Upholding principles of honesty and integrity, ensuring that students align with the ethical standards of Edward Jones.

Career Support: From Training to Edward Jones' Desks

We are dedicated to supporting students outside of training, offering practical career assistance. This includes helping students create strong resumes and conducting realistic mock interviews resembling sessions at Edward Jones. This comprehensive approach ensures students are well-prepared and interview-ready for opportunities with Edward Jones. 

For those dreaming of a flourishing career with Edward Jones, the Financial Advisor Training Institute (FATI) provides the roadmap to success. With its industry-aligned training, expert mentorship, and steadfast support, FATI ensures a smooth and successful journey from aspiration to joining the ranks of Edward Jones.

Written By Terry Lindner

Board President and Chief Executive Officer at Financial Advisor Training Institute

Building the industry’s future pipeline with qualified, inspired talent. We exist to ensure the future preparedness of the next generation of retail Financial Advisors. By replenishing a depleting and aging workforce with a new, qualified talent pool, we can help uphold the financial well-being of the U.S. Economy and the American public at large.

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